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What is a Memory Card?

IC memory cards can hold up to 1-128 KB of data, but have no processor on the card with which to manipulate that data. Thus, they are dependent on the card reader (also known as the card-accepting device) for their processing and are suitable for uses where the card performs a fixed operation.

Memory cards represent the bulk of smart cards sold, primarily for pre-paid, disposable-card applications like pre-paid phone cards. Memory cards are popular as high-security alternatives to magstripe cards in such markets as loyalty, school meals, laundry, car-parking, closed e-purse schemes, cashless vending etc.


One key reason for the growth of memory cards is the fact they cost significantly less than microprocessor based cards. When the number of deployed cards is large, the cost savings can be significant. Please consider the security of the scheme and call us to discuss whether memory cards can provide a solution for your scheme.

You can view our range of memory cards here or if you would prefer to discuss memory cards with us why not contact us?