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16 Feb Biodegradable PVC – The Myths and the Truths
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Is PVC really biodegradable? We explore the myths and the facts around this and the potential misuse of the word ‘Bio’ in our industry. GREEN, BIODEGRADABLE, CLEAN, SUSTAINABLE. These are all key phrases used by organisations to highlight their desire to be ‘greener’. Is it a fleeting trend or for the long-term, and most importantly: do companies ..
14 Jan Consideration for Ease of Use and Adoption
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Key to a successful deployment is striking the balance between having robust security and minimizing the impact and frustration of users. The easier an authentication solution is, the more likely that employees and customers will happily use the system.Users Want More Authentication OptionsPasswords are often the weakest link in the security chain,..
14 Jan Explore the latest trends in Authentication
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The three main growing trends in authentication are biometrics, mobile authentication, and risk-based authentication.Biometric Authentication:Proving your identity with Biometrics means using “something you are” to authenticate yourself. The adoption has been steep over the last few years and it is for good reason. It is a strong barrier to credent..
14 Jan Where are you on the authentication spectrum?
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Every business is somewhere between the use of basic username & passwords to very strong authentication and achieving complete coverage through current and emerging standards-based protocols.For those still using username & password:This is no great shock as it is estimated that 55% of IT leaders re-use a single password according to Sailpoint. How..
14 Jan How can stronger authentication impact your business?
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Authentication and Identity & Access Management (IAM) will differ based on sector, industry, size, and workforce location. Here are some of the key drivers of our customer base:Reducing fraud – transaction-level analysis and comparison of multiple risk factors associated with fraud. The use of Multi-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of secu..
14 Jan Is cyber-security more important than ever?
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With the impact of the global pandemic in early 2020 workforces are having to adapt to remote working scenarios and increasing access through mobile devices. IT is under incredible stress and it is hard to predict the “new normal” of working as we adjust to the moving landscape. According to a 2019 Global Workplace Analytic report remote working ha..
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A Borehamwood based ID and loyalty card manufacturer is celebrating its 10th birthday on the back of two record quarters!Universal Smart Cards has been in business for 10 years this month and the last two quarters have been record-breaking both in terms of turnover and the number of smart cards they have produced. Universal produces smart cards fro..
19 Mar Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update
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As a company, we are closely monitoring the rapid developments related to the COVID-19 virus. It is very hard to predict the impact of such a virus as it is likely to affect each country differently, depending on travel habits, consumer awareness and local medical facilities.Currently, the UK has decided to allow businesses to remain open and we ar..
03 Jan Universal Smart Cards are Pleased to Announce a New Distribution Partnership with Evohold!
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Universal Smart Cards is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with EvoHold!Universal Smart Cards is very proud to announce a new distribution partnership with EvoHold®, the world’s leading ID accessories manufacturer! This partnership will continue to help us in our mission to provide you with the best quality accessories, whilst help..
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Terry has worked for Universal in our technical centre for the last 6 years and grown from strength to strength. Terry’s been a great asset to Universal over the last 6 years supporting our sales team and customers whilst supporting the day-today running of our technical services in the personalisation bureau. Starting at Universal as a studio and ..
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