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Universal Smart Cards Participate in Tough Mudder

This entry was posted on 8th October 2018.

On Saturday 29th September, three brave USC employees embarked on a challenge that would test their grit and determination – Tough Mudder! Participating in this event wasn’t only a great team building exercise but went towards raising money for the Help the Hero foundation.

The training began months in advance to mentally and physically prepare the team for what was in store. When the day loomed upon them, their last efforts to train became more intense. Supplies were carefully planned, sportswear was purchased, and professional advice was sought regarding the best ways to complete and dominate the course.

When the day arrived, it was time for the team to face the colossal course and attempt the obstacles that stopped them achieving victory. Tough Mudder is that intense that they even had to warm up before starting. The obstacles they faced ranged from vertical walls and freezing cold water, to electrical wires. Each hurdle tested different parts of the body, however, the one obstacle that really unnerved the team was the Electroshock Therapy. Each of them ran straight through getting shocked one after another. However, one of the team must have particularly liked this obstacle as they had to go back through it to retrieve a shoe they lost! The teams most enjoyable obstacle was the pyramid because it was their last one before a last push to the finish line.

Mathew stated “With the course complete, we each made our way to the changing rooms, before heading home and facing our own mortality. We’ve already started discussions about the next event, hopefully one that will actually provide a challenge, for next year.”

Universal Smart Cards are very proud of the three team members that took part, well done!

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Posted by Richard Catterall