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Smart ticketing is the name given to the system where an entitlement to travel (or ticket) is stored electronically on a microchip rather than being printed on a paper ticket. In most smart ticketing schemes, the microchip on which a ticket is stored is embedded in a smart card.

The Oyster card

Transport for London's (TfL) success with the city's Oyster card provides a prime example for the use of smart ticketing systems in terms of  both successful uptake and efficiency. TfL found that in the four years following the introduction of the Oyster card in 2003, the use of paper tickets was reduced by 59%. Additionally research has indicated that 35 passengers per minute could pass through the ticket gates after the introduction of the electronic passes, compared to just 15 passengers per minute previously.


Many early implementations of smart ticketing systems relied were implemented on proprietary systems, but to achieve interoperability open specifications have come to the force.  In the UK, the ITSO specification has been developed and is now widely deployed to deliver open, interoperable smart ticketing with the aim of seamless travel across modes, operators and regional boundaries.

Universal Smart Cards Transport & ITSO pedigree and capability

Universal Smart Cards has taken a proactive approach to ITSO and has taken several smart cards through ITSO approval.  Universal Smart Cards has worked with a number of local authorities and integrators in the supply of ITSO approved smart cards and we have been involved in the supply of more ITSO smart cards than any other organisation.

Please find below a list of all our ITSO cards (some of which are accredited under the name of our ITSO partner, Ecebs, who managed the accreditation process for us).

  • Infineon (SLE77CLFX1360PM)
  • NXP MIFARE Ultralight (MF0ICU1)
  • MIFARE DESFire EV1 4k and 8k (MF3ICD41)(MF3ICD81)
  • MIFARE Classic 1k (MF1ICS50)

The above cards can be provided pre printed or blank white and with or without the DFT ENCTS hologram.

If your organisation is looking for a card partner with experience rolling out smart cards in the transport sector then look no further. Please call or email us and a member of our team will be happy to help and discuss your requirements.