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FulfilmentWhen it comes to fulfilment, we offer a range of services and options to suit your needs. Our expert logistics team will work with you to create a fulfilment package that delivers exactly what you need. Outside of our standard delivery these options allow for a more personalised experience when we deliver your cards.


We offer a couple of different options when it comes to the type of fulfilment, take a look below at the type of fulfilment we offer and start your journey to a customised fulfilment service.


Bulk fulfilment, or single dispatch is where our logistics team will deliver all your cards to a single address, having had prepared them for distribution to the individual users. This may be in the format of cards attached to a personalised letter or it may be a simple as having had labelled the cards with the users name – the choice is yours and we have lots of options here, you can take a look at a few of these below.


Individual fulfilment is utilised when you are looking to have each card delivered to its user, at their home, work or site address. With this method we would usually provide a personalised letter with all the information the user needs to know about their card – the advantages the card brings, how to use the card and any other relevant information, such as card activation. Each card and letter are then enveloped or packaged, dependant on your choices and sent out directly to the users address.


We offer a wide array of options and choices to suit your needs, take a look below at some of the key factors you’ll need to consider if you’d like us to fulfil your card order.

Paper and Envelope Choice

Having the right look and feel when your cards are delivered is important when it comes to portraying a clear brand. With this in mind we can work with you and our suppliers to source the perfect choice of paper and envelope for your cards to be delivered in. We can source a wide variety of different paper stock, in various colours and weights and can provide matching envelopes for this too. We can also offer a range of other packaging options, for example, you may want to include other information or a brochure with your card delivery, so we can provide a range of bubbled envelopes and boxes on too.

Inserts or Leaflets

Our expert dispatch team can also include a range of other items alongside your cards and personalised letters. We work with you to include a wide variety of items, from leaflets and flyers to handbooks and brochure. This is really handy if for example you’d like to include a staff handbook when sending out a new staff members card or simply give someone a flyer with other products and services you offer.

Letter Print & Perso

When it comes to the letter that your cards are attached to we can work with you to create a flawless design and print. This includes personalised numbers, names, addresses and more and a template that matches perfectly with your branding. Our team then use specialist, easy peel, glue to attach your cards to the letters and mail them out giving your end users a completely personalised experience.

Match and Attach

Our match and attach service allows us to match up a user card with their personalised letter. This is really useful when you have personalised cards that must be delivered to specific users, for example if your cards have the users name printed on them, or a reference number unique to the user. This is a service that you’ll require with any cards that are personalised and are going out with personalised letters.

Postage Options

We offer a wide variety of postage and courier services to suit your needs. These range from simple first class mailing right up to secure next day delivery, by courier. There are lots of options and considerations here, so it’s important to think about you budget, the speed the user requires their card and the security of delivery you require. Due to such a large number of choices here you’ll need to chat to a member of our team and discuss exactly which service is suited to you.

Stock Holding/Management

Our stock holding and management service allows you to order in bulk and have your cards dispatched and personalise as and when the user needs them. This is ideal if you are limited on storage space but allows you to order ahead and secure your cards at the best prices possible. It’s also ideal for organisations that regularly send out cards to new users and need them fulfilling directly. Talk to one of our experts today about how we can manage your card stock.

Want more information on our fulfilment services? Had something slightly different in mind? Chat to our of our experts today and we’ll be happy to work with you to create the perfect solution for your organisation.