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Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy

RFID & Smart cards encompass many different, and often similar, chip technologies. Picking the correct chip that ensures compatibility with your solution and that will meet those requirements is not always easy. Our technical consultancy team are able to guide you to the best technology for your requirement. By understanding your requirement, listening to your needs and with our wide product knowledge we can help you define a solution.

Selection of appropriate technology

The term smart card encompasses a wide range of products that cover many differing applications. Products can have contact or RFID interfaces, or both, as well has using different communications protocols within those interface methods. Multiple manufacturers offer a large range of chips that can store information in different ways and have differing security depending on your needs. Our technical team can help guide you to the most appropriate chip for your need, supplied in the best form factor you’re the application.

Chip architecture

Modern multi-application chips have large freely useable memory areas. Most applications will require that memory are to be split up into separate data storage zones with each part having separate security and use. Defining the chip memory and use requires a specification document to be generated to detail all the parameters of the selected technology to allow manufactures or suppliers to be able to correctly setup the product. With decades of combined experience we can fulfil this requirement and make the procurement as easy as possible for you.

Data & Encryption

The requirement of applications vary and many have vastly different security needs. Knowing which type of encryption, for example, is supported in the application or readers and that of the chip can often mean reading through a lot of technical documentation to uncover this information. Our technical team is able to quickly extract that information for you and advise what is needed.


Making sure that your readers work with your smart cards is a vital part of the implementation of an application. We have relationships with most of the leading reader manufacturers and can advise or work with them to ensure that the appropriate pieces of information are shared where applicable, keeping your most sensitive data secure at all times.