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The recent launch of HID PIV (Personal Identity Verification) Express and Enterprise Solutions offer governments and regulated industries worldwide a single, secure, credential to access facilities and IT resources. This easy to deploy and a converged access multi factor authentication solution allows secure access to networks, cloud applications and facilities. This prevents breaches and achieves the compliance with PIV, PIV-I, NIST and equivalent mandates, policies and guidelines. It delivers an integrated solution that offers standards-compliant identity and credential management. Both components are designed to support each other so the solution can be deployed faster and you can enjoy a more simplified management experience.


Identity Lifecycle

HID PIV ensures that only the right people access the areas and resources that they need to do their daily jobs. This solution is ideal for those organisations with Government standard requirements, or highly regulated industries.


  • Identity Proofing: A streamlined process for the identity establishment. This integrated IDMS system works very with the popular authoritative sources, captures state/national IDE, collects and stores biometric data, connects to external background checks systems and also provides an adjudicator for a final review.
  • Lifecycle Management: When the identity if verified, a HID PIV facilitates the issuance of credentials. This then leverages the Credential Management System which has been set up the on-going management, including all PIN unlocks, updates and credential replacement and/or termination.
  • Physical Access: If the credential is a card, it can be used for physical access into the organisations premises. Within the Enterprise version, the HID PIV can also automatically provision and de-provision user access to the areas of the organisation via the physical access system.
  • IT System Access: Using the same credential, you can authenticate many IT applications including Microsoft Windows, many VPN products, websites, cloud applications and more.
  • Advanced Use Cases: It can also be used to digitally sign emails or even documents, decrypt emails or files, protect prints jobs with secure printing and many more functions.
  • Optional pre-integrated components: We can also provide you with a variety of compatible components that comply with HID PIV, including trusted CA, PKI validation, card printers, card readers, cards and also PACS readers.


Solutions Available

HID PIV Express

HID PIV Express is a complete integrated solution that includes software and hardware which is standards compliant with PIV/PIV-I/NIST P800-63 LoA4/FIPS 201 & APL/FIPS 140-2. With the ability to manage credentials, this securely issues, updates and revokes credentials to all end-users. It features multiple form factors including smart cards, smart card readers and USB dongles; All with the capability of supporting a digital certificate, one-time password and biometric and biographic data. This is an advantage as digital certificates are trusted by all leading web browsers and also optionally by the US Federal Government. It also offers strong authentication to networks and applications, including digital signatures and encryption.

A single device can protect access to selected or all facilities and IT systems with a choice of a standard enterprise security or government-grade physical access security.


HID PIV Enterprise

HID PIV Enterprise features all of the PIV Express benefits but also includes automated sponsorship of any mix of your organisations employees, including long-term and short-term contractors, affiliates and more. This ensures issuance of smart cards is organised and ran professionally. It features an automated appointment scheduler for a face to face enrolment and a physical identity & access management system which automatically provisions the user credentials and allows the access privileges and entitlements across the organisations sites. When a card is reported lost or stolen or an employee leaves the organisation, this automatically removes them from the system as well as offering emergency termination.

Not only can this solution be used for your own employees but also for your visitor management, contractor management, tenant management, audits, operations reporting and more.


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