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Print Management

EducationOne of the best solutions we have to offer not only saves you materials but also saves you money and can offer a significant return on investment. Print Management is essentially a solution that enables you to manage the print cost of your organisation, by associating the cost of maintenance of your printer, cost of your toners or ribbons and paper against those doing the printing.

The typical commercial use of Print Management in a Corporate environment is to register who prints what, and offset the costs for printing with the associated department for the member of staff doing the printing.

Print Management solutions can also be used in education environments to enable students to pay for their own printing, in turn save the University or College money against that which would previously have been lost on materials and maintenance. Students will often pay via a smart card, wristband, key fob, or similar device, depending on the product choice of the organisation. Their smart cards will be programmed with their identity and students can load funds to the card via a web portal to use on the printers.  These same cards can also be used to access the campus and used for cashless vending, Library Access, Gym Access, Laptop Loans, Car Parking, catering to mention but a few of the additional options available.

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