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Fingerprint Biometrics

At Universal Smart Cards, we have an extensive range of Fingerprint Biometric Readers engineered to redefine how you protect, manage, and access your sensitive data and secure locations. We offer innovative fingerprint biometric readers from industry specialists HID® at affordable prices - ensuring that you can unlock the latest security authentication technology in a cost-effective way.

Unlock the Future of Secure Authentication

Fingerprint biometrics provide a powerful, reliable, and user-friendly solution for countless industries. But what sets fingerprint biometrics apart from other methods of identification and authentication? Here are a few reasons why fingerprint biometric readers are the gold standard in authentication:

Inherent Uniqueness

Your fingerprint is as unique to you as your DNA. This level of distinctiveness offers an unparalleled mechanism for identifying individuals with high accuracy.

Speed and Efficiency

Time is of the essence in our fast-paced world. Fingerprint biometrics provides quick and hassle-free authentication, generally completing the identification process within a second.

User Convenience

Remembering multiple passwords for different platforms is a cumbersome task. With fingerprint biometrics, your finger is your key, eliminating the need to remember complex passwords or carry multiple access cards.

Reduced Risk of Theft or Fraud

Unlike passwords or access cards, your fingerprint cannot be easily duplicated or stolen. This significantly minimises the risk of unauthorised access.

High Adoption Rates

Fingerprint biometrics is one of the most widely adopted forms of biometric identification worldwide, making it a well-tested and trusted method for secure authentication.


When considering the overall costs associated with password resets, card replacements, and potential breaches, fingerprint biometrics is a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Integrative Capability

Fingerprint biometric systems can easily be integrated into existing security infrastructures, making the transition smooth and straightforward. Many of our models at Universal Smart Cards also offer multi-function capabilities, such as integration with card and PIN systems, providing an extra layer of security.

Global Acceptance

With the growing emphasis on enhanced security protocols worldwide, fingerprint biometrics continues to gain acceptance across different industries and countries. By choosing fingerprint biometrics, you're not just opting for a cutting-edge technology; you're making a smart investment in long-lasting, reliable security.

Versatile Biometric Fingerprint Reader Applications

Biometric technology, especially Fingerprint Biometric Readers, is no longer confined to high-security government installations or futuristic sci-fi movies. Its applications have diversified to serve different market sectors. Universal Smart Cards' Fingerprint Biometric Readers are versatile enough to meet the demands of various industries.

Corporate Sector

    Secure Rooms: Limit access to rooms containing sensitive data, ensuring only authorised personnel can enter

      Employee Onboarding: Simplify the identification process for new hires, streamlining HR processes.


          Cash Registers and Safes: Use fingerprint authentication to access cash registers or safes, reducing the risk of theft

            Customer Identification: For secure transactions, confirm customer identity to protect against fraud.

              Universal Smart Cards Wooden Cards


                Patient Records: Safeguard electronic health records by allowing only certified medical professionals to access them.

                  Pharmacy Control: Limit access to prescription medications, ensuring that only authorised personnel can handle them.


                      Examination Security: Ensure the right students are taking exams to prevent cheating

                        Faculty Rooms: Secure rooms containing exams or confidential staff information.


                            Room Access: Replace or augment traditional key cards with fingerprint access for added security and convenience.

                              Restricted Areas: Limit access to places like the hotel safe, employee-only areas, or VIP lounges.

                                Government and Law Enforcement

                                  Identity Verification: Use in identity cards, passports, and driving licences.

                                    Evidence Rooms: Keep crucial evidence safe by limiting access only to authorised personnel.


                                        Machinery Operation: Control access to potentially dangerous machinery, ensuring only trained individuals can operate them.

                                          Supply Rooms: Protect valuable raw materials from unauthorised access or theft.

                                            Transportation and Logistics

                                              Fleet Management: Secure vehicle access to authorised drivers, improving overall fleet security

                                                Cargo Areas: Ensure only authorised personnel can access cargo areas, reducing the risk of theft or sabotage.

                                                  Introducing HID Fingerprint Readers

                                                  At Universal Smart Cards, we only stock the latest and greatest in technology, which is why we recommend using the HID range of fingerprint scanners. These versatile solutions include USB desktop readers and modules and integrate effortlessly with the DigitalPersona® solution offered by HID. This makes the HID fingerprint biometric readers some of the most accessible, flexible and innovative products on the market today. Our range of HID fingerprint readers include:

                                                  Optical Readers

                                                  Optical fingerprint readers and modules are an established technology that’s both parts dependable and cost-effective. Available as USB desktop readers and OEM modules, you’ll enjoy a streamlined device that works well in most desktop or workstation setups. The optical technology is available as full FAP 20 and FAP 30 versions that adhere to the latest government regulations.

                                                  HID DigitalPersona 4500 Fingerprint Reader

                                                  Universal Smart Cards Readers

                                                  The HID DigitalPersona 4500 fingerprint reader offers the power of biometrics through a USB peripheral. Suitable for individual desktop users and multiple users across shared spaces, this reader is the perfect solution for a multitude of industries. Designed to look professional and elegant, the DigitalPersona 4500 reader uses optical fingerprint technology to allow for large capture areas, high image quality and impressive dependability. What’s more, it seamlessly integrates with a suite of software solutions including HID authentication software and DigitalPersona Biometric Software Development Kits. By option for the DigitalPersona 4500 fingerprint reader, you’ll enjoy an organic evolution in your security.

                                                  HID DigitalPersona 4500 Fingerprint Module

                                                  Universal Smart Cards Readers

                                                  The HID DigitalPersona 4500 fingerprint module offers seamless integration with OEM equipment that requires fingerprint verification. This technology utilises a streamlined miniature USB fingerprint reader for simple installation in an unobtrusive way. It works as a self-contained module that uses optical scanning to verify user fingerprints, which is incredibly reliable. In terms of application, the DigitalPersona 4500 fingerprint module works alongside the DigitalPersona Biometric Software Development Kit to accurately authenticate fingerprints in an instant. It has also been designed to function perfectly with enterprise solutions and developer tools from HID Global.

                                                  HID DigitalPersona 5200 Fingerprint Module

                                                  Universal Smart Cards Readers

                                                  The HID DigitalPersona 5200 fingerprint module is a robust piece of technology that’s fully certified for FBI PIV and FBI Mobile ID FAP 20 standards. With a capability to produce 500 DPI fingerprint images in both ANCI and ISO/IEC formats, it offers a wide range of applications. Built for toughness, the hard glass window is safe from damage through dust, liquids and abrasions.

                                                  The design of this module is streamlined, offering simple and unobtrusive installation with any standards-compatible fingerprint template extractor. It works with the whole range of DigitalPersona Software Development Kits and can be easily programmed and integrated. It’s an ideal solution for systems integrators and OEMs alike.

                                                  HID DigitalPersona 5300 Fingerprint Reader

                                                  Universal Smart Cards Readers

                                                  The HID DigitalPersona 5300 utilises a small optical single fingerprint reader to verify users quickly and reliably. The technology adheres to FIPS 201/PIV and FBI Mobile ID FAP 30 standards and works across a wide variety of applications. It works well with high-volume traffic making it suitable for things like large-scale civilian identification or commercial authentication. The housing is incredibly robust and resilient against chemical or physical damage, making it suitable for harsh environments. This reader is designed to work across any standards-compatible fingerprint template extractor, such as the DigitalPersona FingerJet Biometric Engine. When used together, these tools offer some of the strongest methods of authenticating fingerprints quickly and accurately.

                                                  HID DigitalPersona 5300 Fingerprint Module

                                                  Universal Smart Cards Readers

                                                  The HID DigitalPersona 5300 fingerprint module offers ultra-durable design with innovative fingerprint scanning technology. It’s fully certified for FIPS 201/PIV and FVI Mobile ID FAP 30 standards and creates 500 DPI fingerprint scans in ANSI and ISO/IEC formats. Designed to withstand heavy use, the imaging window features a hard glass design that won’t let liquids, dust or detritus in. Thanks to this robust design, it’s also resistant to physical and chemical damage. The design of the HID DigitalPersona 5300 fingerprint module offers a compact size and intelligent features for mounting, making OEM integration simple. It works with all standards-compatible fingerprint template extractors and works with the entire suite of DigitalPersona Software Development Kits offered by HID Global. What’s more, the DigitalPersona SDK runtime environment is easy to integrate and free to distribute with customer applications.

                                                  Capacative Readers & Modules

                                                  Capacitive readers and modules offer optimal power-efficiency, making them an ideal solution for battery-operated devices and peripherals. The technology works well in various lighting conditions and can function both indoors and outdoors. Both the EikonTouch readers and TouchChip OEM modules are designed with durability in mind, so work well in environments with lots of traffic such as retail point-of-sale, government institutions and healthcare.

                                                  HID EikonTouch TC510 Fingerprint Reader

                                                  Universal Smart Cards Readers

                                                  The HID EikonTouch TC510 is a USB capacitive silicon fingerprint reader that’s designed with robustness in mind. Suitable for high-traffic environments like retail, healthcare and government facilities, this reader features a tough, compact design with innovative finger guide ergonomics. The technology found in this reader allows users to capture high-quality images of fingerprints and features liveness detection for reliable biometrics. It’s a fantastic option for enterprise clients and systems integrators as it has security infrastructure extensions. It’s designed to work well with desktop PC and mobile PC security.

                                                  EikonTouch TC710 Fingerprint Reader

                                                  Universal Smart Cards Readers

                                                  The EikonTouch TC710 fingerprint reader features a USB capacitive silicon design which is built with ergonomics in mind. Their latest design includes LED feedback to ensure fingerprints are accurately captured and read. It features a slimline design with a weighted base for heightened stability. Ideal for governmental use, as well as other high-traffic areas such as healthcare.

                                                  The technology found in this reader allows for high-quality image capture across an extensive range of fingerprints, as well as providing liveness detection for enhanced reliability during scans. Perfect for both desktop and mobile PC security, the EikonTouch TC710 is a robust piece of kit designed to last.

                                                  HID TouchChip TCET Module

                                                  Universal Smart Cards Readers

                                                  The HID TouchTip TCET module is designed to be compact, affordable and incredibly simple to set up. It features an intelligently designed on-board processor that captures and matches fingerprints, yielding fast and reliable results. It has the ability to store up to 100 unique templates and works with USB, SPI and UART interfaces. What’s more, it’s an incredibly power-efficient device - consuming less than 100mA during its functions.

                                                  The TouchChip TCET module comes to you pre-assembled and tested, so it’s ready to go straight out of the box. It also features an Enhanced Image Mode which allows for image quality optimisation across a variety of skin types and capture conditions. Any latent images are removed during capture and the module also adequate protection from outside particles like dust or moisture. This module can support both WSQ and JPEG2000 compression when using the correct development kits.

                                                  Multispectral Imaging (MSI)

                                                  Multispectral Imaging (MSI) is a technology patented by HID that allows for accurate capture of the most difficult fingerprints across multiple environments. The readers work by collecting both surface and subsurface fingerprint data across the colour spectrum using different angles. This allows for optimal accuracy and liveness detection for fingerprints.

                                                  HID Lumidigm V-Series USB Desktop Fingerprint Reader

                                                  Universal Smart Cards Readers

                                                  The HID Lumidigm V-Series USB desktop fingerprint reader is an innovative device that uses multispectral imaging to provide a more secure, dependable way to authenticate fingerprints. By utilising multiple light colours across different angles, fingerprints are read on both the surface and subsurface. This makes it easy to capture fingerprints that are dry, dirty, oily or challenging in other ways. What’s more, the HID Lumidigm MSI V-Series leaders utilise endpoint security to encrypt data to and from the device. It uses FBI-certified algorithms to keep hackers out of your networks. If they attempt to gain entry to the reader, active tamper-protection functionality erases encryption keys and stops the hacker dead in their tracks.

                                                  HID Lumidigm V-Series Fingerprint OEM Modules

                                                  Universal Smart Cards Readers

                                                  The HID Lumidigm V-Series fingerprint modules utilise HID’s multispectral imaging technology to ensure secure, reliable fingerprint authentication across a variety of environments. This technology is perfectly suited for integration with third-party peripherals including kiosks, attendance clocks and ATMs. By detecting fingerprints across different angles and light spectrums, you can scan the surface and subsurface for enhanced accuracy. This makes the technology excellent at capturing fingerprints that are difficult to read, such as oily, dusty or dirty fingerprints. By harnessing innovative endpoint security for data encryption, the HID Lumidigm V-Series modules work well at preventing hackers from gaining access to networks. The device incorporates tamper protection and detection functionality, so any data will be erased if a hacker is detected.

                                                  HID Lumidigm M-Series USB Desktop Reader

                                                  Universal Smart Cards Readers

                                                  The HID Lumidigm M-Series USB desktop reader is a top-in-class device that offers optimal usability and performance for biometric matching and liveness detection. This versatile piece of technology is easy to deploy in standard Windows, Android or Linux environments via USB. Featuring microspectral technology, you can capture and read fingerprints across a variety of difficult conditions, including fingerprints that are dry, oily or wet. What’s more, the M-Series offers proven imaging technologies with development tools to streamline the entire process. Designed for a variety of environments, the Lumidigm M-Series desktop readers are suitable for POS transactions, government institutions, the healthcare industry and many more areas. By harnessing this technology, you can bring a cost-effective solution to your processes that won’t let you down.

                                                  HID Lumidigm M-Series Fingerprint Modules

                                                  Universal Smart Cards Readers

                                                  The HID Lumidigm M-Series fingerprint modules are the perfect way to improve how access control devices function. By utilising this technology, everything from time keeping to self-service terminals can work more effectively across challenging environments. Whether you’re trying to capture fingerprints that are dry, oily or wet, the HID Lumidigm M-Series fingerprint modules will work without issue.

                                                  Corporate concerns like ‘buddy punching’ or badge sharing can cause performance and security issues. By adopting the Lumidigm M-Series fingerprint modules, you gain access to multispectral imaging which can completely mitigate these issues. This patented technology drastically outperforms competitive fingerprint technologies - particularly in challenging environments.

                                                  HID Lumidigm V371 Fingerprint and RFID Combo Reader

                                                  Universal Smart Cards Readers

                                                  The Lumidigm V371 fingerprint reader brings biometric authentication, contactless OMNIKEY desktop card-reading and multispectral imaging together to create a unified, integrated piece of technology that offers best-in-class multi-factor authentication. The focus of this technology is about going beyond simple validation - it looks to find out who is requesting access. The Lumidigm V371 fingerprint reader verified contactless cards and fingerprint biometrics from a single, unified device. The design of this combo reader aims to create a secure, convenient tool for credential authentication by also authenticating the individual. This technology is best suited for applications that utilise biometric ID cards, such as citizen ID cards.

                                                  Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) Readers

                                                  HID has integrated thin-film transistor (TFT) technology in certain devices to provide exceptionally high-quality image capture. Working across all types of environments and lighting conditions, TFT modules and readers are slimline and lightweight which make them ideal for in-the-field mobile identification.

                                                  HID NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader

                                                  Universal Smart Cards Readers

                                                  The HID NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader is a cost-effective fingerprint reader solution that works across Windows, Android and iOS devices. It works with all types of smartphones, tablets and laptops and has been used in law enforcement for fast in-the-field identification. Due to its small size and portability, it’s an ideal technology for identifying individuals outdoors without having to relocate to a headquarters. The FAP 30 TFT technology found in this reader is both PIV and CJIS compliant and is designed with affordability in mind. Designed to work as the perfect solution for mobile identification and verification, the HID NOMAD 30 pocket reader also has a suite of accessories to aid portability. This includes connection cables to smartphones or other devices, flip cases and folio cases.

                                                  HID NOMAD 30 Module

                                                  Universal Smart Cards Readers

                                                  The HID NOMAD 30 module is an elegant solution that offers single finger scanning for both mobile use and workstation integration. The TFT technology is fully PIV and CJIS compliant and FBI certified. This allows for high-quality image capture in all types of environment and can handle difficult-to-read fingerprints. Whether you’re out in the field in a rainstorm or dealing with oily fingers, the HID NOMAD 30 module won’t let you down.

                                                  Let’s talk fingerprint biometrics…

                                                  HID Lumidigm M-Series Fingerprint Modules

                                                  Our team of specialists are here to answer all your questions about fingerprint biometrics and the range of readers available. Talk to us today to find out how you can implement fingerprint biometrics in your organisation.

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