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Micro-Controller (Microprocessor) Cards

Universal Smart Cards offers excellent support for clients wanting to implement microprocessor cards. Microprocessor can add, delete, and manipulate information on the card making it easier for developers. This includes onboard cryptographic functions such as RSA, ECC, TDES, AES and algorithms such as elliptic curve are now becoming more popular. With the ongoing mass adoption of microprocessors, costs are starting to fall through economies of scale making them more attractive because of their high memory storage and cryptographic capabilities.

As there is a proliferation of different products, versions, memory sizes, software vendors (both Native and Open OS) we have put together the leading choices available in contact-only, contactless-only, and dual interface.

For those wanting to explore smart card development we would recommend purchasing an evaluation kit which typically consists of hardware, tools, utilities, demos, and sample code to facilitate the development of applications. These are ideal for a proof-or concept, feasibility study, smart card pilot or turn-key solution. Please find the link here to our smart store for some of the more popular kits that we provide.


Universal Smart Cards keep a stock of sample cards for quick configuration of  proof-of-concept deployments and pilots.  In addition, we offer full printing, personalisation, app loading or numbering in our technical centre in Portsmouth.

If there is something you specifically require, please do call us to discuss further.

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