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The latest tools from Multos supporting everything you need to build secure applications with smart cards.

MULTOS is a global leader in smart card technology that delivers highly secure, interoperable platforms for any applications. Specified and maintained by the independent MULTOS consortium, key features of the technology include an on-chip virtual machine that provides strong security, platform independence and a unique application load and verification system, based on public key cryptography. This avoids many of the usual problems faced with other smart card OS platform’s, such as key management.

Brand: Multos Model: MSC-DEVKIT-MU
The MULTOS IoT developer kit has been developed to allow developers to write, load, test and debug MULTOS applications running in a MULTOS trust anchor. A MULTOS trust anchor is a secure microcontroller like those found in bank and ID cards but offers more flexibility and power. In addition to its ..
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