Key to a successful deployment is striking the balance between having robust security and minimizing the impact and frustration of users. The easier an authentication solution is, the more likely that employees and customers will happily use the system.

Users Want More Authentication Options
Passwords are often the weakest link in the security chain, so it is not surprising that both businesses and users are looking for easier methods to authenticate. More modern systems should allow organisations to mix and match with options such as:

  • Physical hardware devices: Smart Cards, USB Keys, Hardware Tokens, Bluetooth Tokens
  • Digital: Virtual Smart Cards, Soft Tokens, Push Authentication, Out of Band, Digital Certificates
  • Frictionless: behavioural analysis, biometrics

BYOD Improving the User Experience
A “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” policy that lets employees use their own devices to access your business systems gains much traction with the user. Using your existing phone, for example, providers a familiar, comfortable platform so users do not have to learn new ways of doing things and facilitates ease of use.