Authentication and Identity & Access Management (IAM) will differ based on sector, industry, size, and workforce location. Here are some of the key drivers of our customer base:

  • Reducing fraud – transaction-level analysis and comparison of multiple risk factors associated with fraud. The use of Multi-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security assurance by requiring users to verify their identity with a combination of irrefutable authentication steps.
  • Regulation and Compliance with government, industry, and other frameworks.
  • Risk-appropriate authentication that manages the friction of authorisation against the sensitivity of data and systems.
  • Security policy compliance that allows fine-tuning of technology to meet overall corporate and cybersecurity strategies.
  • Ease of use to drive better, more fulfilling authentication interactions with employees and customers.
  • Integration with multiple types of devices, both the latest technology and some legacy phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Leveraging industry standards such as SAML, ADFS, Azure AD, FIDO, and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).  This helps ease of integration into current IT systems, enable SSO and ensure strong foundations in emerging standards and technologies.