Every business is somewhere between the use of basic username & passwords to very strong authentication and achieving complete coverage through current and emerging standards-based protocols.

For those still using username & password:

This is no great shock as it is estimated that 55% of IT leaders re-use a single password according to Sailpoint. However, if you find yourself here you are rife for attack. With the number and severity of data breaches from credential-stealing malware growing severely, it may be time to act.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Identity and Credential theft from phishing and spear phishing attacks was the NUMBER 1 cybersecurity threat in 2019. Even a basic deployment of Digital Persona with MFA will be a defence against unauthorised access.

If you already have 2FA deployed:

This may be a good time to consider taking the next step with Multi-Factor Authentication or Advanced Authentication. Finding the right balance between higher levels of security and greater convenience are realistic goals that can be achieved.

With DigitalPersona Premium learn how you can deploy an optimal set of authentication factors including risk-based factors (what you do, where you are, when you act) , fingerprint and face recognition, and adoption of the latest technology in smartcards, USB tokens enabled with FIDO2 or risk based analytics. An important consideration with enterprises at this security level may be to incorporate one of your authentication factors with your existing access control card which we can certainly explore and evaluate for you.