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Chip Embedding

Bonus Card - Chip EmbeddingThe process of milling and embedding can be used to transform a cheap plastic card into a sophisticated smart card that represents your organisation to a high standard.

Universal Smart Cards Ltd are one of only a handful of manufacturers that have this facility in-house in the UK.

By doing so we are able to keep customer service levels high because of control on lead times and more importantly the control on the quality. Full testing is carried out to ensure compliance to the ISO specifications is adhered to and every card is electrically tested as part of the process. From simple memory chips to full microprocessor based devices we have the skill & expertise to manufacture & deliver them all.

Our system utilises a precision triple axis CNC cutting head to mill the profile into the plastic card body. Chips are punched from 35mm carrier format and bonded securely into the milled cavity with a heated glue system.

To find out more about our chip embedding service call us on +44(0)333 700 0078 or alternatively you can drop us an email.