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Sanitising Boxes

In today’s world, it has never been more important to protect your organisation from the spread of harmful bacteria. It is easy for us to forget just how many germs items carry and that they can be the perfect breeding ground for these harmful pathogens. We wash our hands many times a day, but rarely remember to sanitise other items we carry all the time such as; mobile phones, keys, watches, wallets, cards and much more. Our Sanitising boxes could be the ideal solution for you. 

The Blue Box UV™ sanitiser is ideal for sanitising your smart cards as well as many other items including; mobile phones, keys, watches, wallets, money and much more. Many day-to-day items such as these contain a vast number of bacteria, take a mobile phone for example, that carries up to 18 times m..
This multi-function UV steriliser box is the perfect way to kill the germs on your smart cards and many other items such as smart phones, keys, wallets & watches without the need for cleaning chemicals. It’s easy to forget that these items are the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteri..
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